Bert Robinson

A proven proactive consultant and coach with creativity, conviction, and faith to help overcome barriers while producing results that develop and transform the lives of others.


Bert Robinson has over 30 years of experience working with people in the business, non-profit, and educational arenas. In 2013 he started The Corporate Core in Colorado, a service to improve the well-being of businesses, corporations, and organizations by helping people discover and apply their talents and strengths in their professional and personal lives.

This work quickly spread nationally and internationally and as of 2020 became Inpowering People. He has worked with teams and leaders in the fields of construction, technology, education, and start-ups. From Rosendin, the ADT #1 ranked company for 2020 to national corporations like Motorola and Webroot or Tech Stars and start-ups like Vinyl Me, Please, his training and coaching is helping people find fit, alignment, productivity, and clarity to exceed their potential. Bert’s passion to help people maximize their strengths combined with a relational and humorous communication style allows him to impact a wide variety of audiences.

After graduating from the University of Colorado, Bert spent over 20 years as a youth specialist and family counselor. The next 10 years he worked in Leadership Development and Human Resources for one of the world's largest non-profits. In his role as a regional coordinator with the Mentors Forum from 2006-2012 he coordinated highly successful entrepreneurs and businessmen around the United States to engage and equip top emerging young leaders in leadership and character development. For the past 10 years he has additionally consulted and coached thousands of individuals, teams, and small businesses using CoreClarity, a cutting-edge process that increases personal productivity and team collaboration.  

He has his Bachelor's Degrees in psychology and history and is a nationally certified CoreClarity facilitator. Bert and his wife Karey have been married 37 years, raised 4 adult children, and reside in Firestone, Colorado.