A-MAZE-ing Problem Solvers

analytical arranger reflect strategic Jul 17, 2019
Green Frog

“It ain’t easy being green!” This quote from Kermit the frog also resonates with many people who have talents in the Reflect or Green quadrant in the CoreClarity key. Over one third of the 34 talents reside here -- talents that do so much intellectual pondering, processing, and problem solving. 

Three Reflect talents frequently tapped for problem solving are Strategic, Arranger, and Analytical. In order to better understand the dynamics and the differences between these three talents, imagine all three trying to solve a challenging maze. 

Strategics start with the end in mind and then work their way back to find the best path for success. They would want to get 1000 feet above the maze so they could see where the exit is located. They would then find the shortest route from there all the way back to the start. Any routes that were longer or led to dead ends would be dismissed as they have identified an express lane to success. 

The Arranger wants to get in the maze and figure out where most if not all paths lead. They look at all the options and variables and find several ways to navigate the maze. This may include some that may not be as visible to the Strategic like hopping over short walls or even avoiding paths with hazards indiscernible from the big picture perspective. Figuring out all the variables and options is part of the fun for the Arranger. This makes them great in dynamic environments that often change or need another direction to pivot.

Before the Analytical enters the maze they are on a quest for the facts and details. What is the maze made of? Can we get the dimensions and degrees of the walls and the angles? And what about soil samples from the ground the maze is built upon? Their pursuit of proof (through questioning or research) is what leads them to the knowledge they need to build a solid logical system from which to launch a solution with accuracy and precision. They are crafting a thorough, thoughtful mission through the maze. 

Put these 3 together with a problem to solve and the Strategic may get frustrated or annoyed by how long the other two take getting to the end result they have already reached in their mind. However, if someone drops a roadblock in the middle of their strategic path they may have trouble effectively rerouting. 

The Arranger may feel constrained by the single path of the Strategic or by the finite minutiae of the Analytical. They need to consider other if not all options. But sometimes deadlines demand that the best available option must be decided upon before any others are considered. 

Meanwhile, down in the data and details, the Analytical is seeing the other two talents as being too rushed and short on thought-out proofs. In their granular approach to the best path, they can get lost in the weeds known as paralysis by analysis

The truth is many projects and problems need all 3 talents in different phases as well as at the same time. When we understand and appreciate each talent's unique dynamics and differences each talent can help each other in completing the task rather than competing with one another. That knowledge and collaboration makes being green more easy and powerful.