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Avoiding the “OI” Zone

As more of the world goes back to the workplace there are huge challenges as work communities are reforming from virtual platforms. As one colleague of mine said “It’s like in two years people have forgotten how to act like people.” At Inpowering People we are seeing our work help people reconnect in healthy and effective ways. A secret to our success? Helping individuals see others as people instead of from a perspective influenced by our talent Kryptonite that can lead us to view others as objects in the “OI” zone:

Obstacles  We see others as something to overcome: a problem to solve, a nuisance to avoid, a barrier to a goal. When I am zeroed in on the finish line with my Achiever talent, a phone call or co-worker suddenly becomes a barrier to my momentum of accomplishment or a drain on my timeline towards a deadline.

Interruptions – Those with Focus, Discipline, and Consistency can shut out...

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Difference Makers

“I’ve always had this certainty of where I’m going and what I need to do next. But right now I feel like I’m in a forest without a compass. I’m not used to this internal ambiguity! “

For years Dan had been planning a major career transition that involved moving his family to another country and taking on a key leadership role that was going to be a great fit for his talents, especially his Self-Assurance. People with Self-Assurance have an internal confidence that propels them forward and guides them like the North Star. This talent can appear to have the answers to the three big existential questions of life. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

Then, in a matter of days, events took place that slammed the door on his new opportunity. For the first time he was unsure of what was next. Because of his Self-Assurance I knew he would rebound quickly once we refocused this Energize talent to new possibilities.

People with Self-Assurance are...

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The Art of Start - How the Activator Talent Affects Your Other 4

Ah… the excitement and hope starting off a new year. Something about the freshness, newness, the clean slate, the opportunity to do something different. All these feelings are common motivators that people with the Activator talent feel every time they start something new. The anticipation of launching, exploring, innovating something unique and useful thrusts these people into action.

Activators may have a short attention span for long meetings. When they get the feel and flavor of a direction or goal they want to spin talk into action and ideas into intentionality. No failure to launch here. They will innovate, initiate, and ignite the next big thing that resonates with them with fearless enthusiasm.

Though great out of the blocks, some activators are known to have an aversion to finishing all the things they start. Once things get routine or mundane they are off to start something new and more engaging. They can overwhelm Achiever and Responsibility with their plethora of...

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