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How Life Lines Scale New Heights

Living in Colorado it is not uncommon to see rock climbers scaling the face of mountain cliffs in the Rockies. What you don’t always see is the Belayer, the person who controls the rope attached to the climber, ensuring that if they slip or fall they are protected. The Belayer and the rope provide a literal lifeline to the climber should anything go awry. It is also a great visual for the first of four CoreDrills that have talents in three of the four CoreClarity categories, also known as tri-quads. 

Life Lines are individuals whose Top 5 talents align in the Connect, Reflect, and Energize quadrants with no Mobilize. The highest percentage, almost 30% of the people in the CoreClarity database are Life Lines because 28 of the 34 talents are in these quadrants and many of them show up at a greater percentage than talents in the Mobilize quadrant. 

When working from their Top 5 talents Life Lines show up as the reliable support system you can count on to “getter...

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