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Illuminarios- Lighting Up the World Year Round

I had arranged our department in the conference room to assemble notebooks for an upcoming conference. Using my Strategic, I set up a simple assembly line that would cut the large tedious job into an efficient one-hour chore. Things started off well and after a few adjustments the room was soon buzzing with productive chatter. However, there was soon a bottleneck in the process and like any good project leader I was trying to figure out the why. Quick analysis and my CoreClarity training led me not to the why but the who. I had made the miscalculation of putting Leslie, our Illuminario, in the middle of the assembly line.

Illuminarios are natural people persons who also have an interpersonal relationship push of persuasion and motivation. They thrive on the opportunities that interaction with others bring and can turn the most mundane project into an engaging social event. We call them Illuminarios because when they are at their best they love to shine a light on others. And if they...

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The Force of Nature CoreDrill: When the Force is With You

Another iPhone Alert? I ignored my phone since it was 5:05 and I was making the commute by foot from the home office to the living room TV. The evening news was interrupted with a tornado warning in my county. I looked out the kitchen window and was staring at a funnel spout running from the clouds to the east horizon just beyond my neighborhood.

Fortunately, the spout worked its way north and made for a great neighborhood cell phone video block party. Though it was awesome to see a force of nature in action, its strength and power also demanded respect if not fear.

So it can be when your CoreDrill has talents in the Reflect, Energize, and Mobilize quadrants. You are what we call a Force of Nature. Overcomers, persuaders, natural leaders, mountain movers, intense or driven you make it happen. When I learned this was my CoreDrill the world made a lot more sense. My talent combination can inspire when it is on and disrupt when it is off.  

Since Forces of Nature are...

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Winners And Woosers

kryptonite woo Mar 10, 2021

Sheila’s upbeat charm and zeal for people was always infectious, but this day she entered the meeting room with an extra measure of energy and excitement. “Guess what? I made a new friend today! I was doing a trial membership at a gym and met all these nice people and one of the guys is going to show me how to play racquet ball!” 

Our curmudgeon of a boss snarked, “Sheila, you have made more friends this month than I have in my lifetime.” Unfazed, Sheila replied, “Oh? I can help you with that. Want to come to the gym?”

Our boss was having a WOO encounter. Back in the day, to “woo” someone was to seek or attract their support or favor. In CliftonStrengths it is used as an acrostic for the talent of winning others over. People with Woo have never met a stranger - just a potential new friend. Whether it is people in a waiting line, the server at a restaurant, or someone who mistakenly dialed their number, they can make a quick...

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