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The Pace Setter CoreDrill - Don't Waste the Pace

My whole life I’ve always felt like an anomaly. I can’t wait to hear why!” Adam was an administrator for an organization that had brought me in to go through the team’s talents with CoreClarity. Word had gotten around that Adam’s CoreDrill only showed up in one in two hundred people. No one, including Adam, was surprised. All 5 of his top talents landed up in the motivational quadrants of Mobilize and Energize, making him a Pace Setter. 

Pace Setters have a constant drive towards outputs and accomplishments, whether they are intrinsically motivating themselves towards results or giving push and lift to others. They are natural catalysts for action and achievement and may generate a rhythm and pace that soon laps others. The lack of Reflect talents is made up for by being a hands-on learner that is helping, facilitating, or teaching others. The only meeting they may enjoy is the one they are in front of and leading.

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