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The Trail Blazer CoreDrill: Forging new Paths

Jeannie was a new intern and the youngest member of the operations team. So everyone assumed she was shy or a bit timid to speak out until she had learned the ropes of her new job. When I looked at her talents I encouraged her team leader to intentionally ask Jeannie for her thoughts or perspectives during their staff meetings. Every time he did this she would pause briefly and then respond with some excellent insights or clarifying questions that greatly contributed to the team’s project. “She brings more to the table than what we expected from an intern. How did you know she wanted to be asked questions?” 

I didn’t know Jeannie, but I knew that she was a Trail Blazer and just because they aren’t talking doesn’t mean they aren’t processing the discussion at a deep level. Asking her to contribute was a great way to onramp her internal talents. Sometimes they may have to be invited into the discussion if it’s something they...

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