A Twelfth Month Top 12

achiever bridgineer command coredrill developer force of nature input learner life line maximizer optimizer passionato relator responsibility restorative stabilizer trail blazer Dec 29, 2022

As we wrap up the end of another year with a time of reflection we thought it would be appropriate to look back at some of our more popular Blogs. We have specifically selected these 12 posts because there is something for just about everyone who has ever engaged in our Inpowering People services. The first 6 articles feature the top 6 talents (plus some not as prominent) we see in our CoreClarity Database. 

A Deeper Look: Achiever & Command

Responsibility: The mail man talent-always delivering for others

True Blue Talents: Relator

Learner and Input: the Curiosity Cousins

A-MAZE-ing Problem Solvers

Using Restorative, Developers, and Maximizer the Right way

The next 6 blogs feature the top 6 CoreDrills we see in the CoreClarity Database. That would cover just under 94% of all the people in our portal. 

How Life Lines Scale New Heights

The Stabilizer Effect

Propelling the Power of Passion

When the Force is With You

Optimizers: The Quest for the Best

 A Bridge Worth Crossing

Trail Blazers: Forging New Paths 

So by the time you read about the top 6 talents (plus the bonus 6 included in some of the articles) and the 6 CoreDrills below you would know a little something about almost everyone. That could make for a great conversation starter or icebreaker at your new year’s eve party.

So until then here is wishing you all the best in 2023!