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The Optimizer CoreDrill: The Quest for the Best

coredrill optimizer Jul 21, 2021

The word optimize comes from the Latin word optimus which means “best.” Its definition is to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible. People whose talents are in the Connect, Mobilize and Energize quadrants are called Optimizers because they want to optimize or make the most out of their life and yours.

Optimizers are natural first responders - they’re energized when there are tasks to complete, needs to meet, and people to do it with. They can read the room and flow to the need of the moment with a spirit of intentionality or even jocularity. Wasting time or burning daylight feels like a sin to many of this tribe as they want to make the most out of the time, opportunities and relationships they have before them.

They may have often been asked “What were you thinking?” in their younger years, to which the answer was often a shrug of the shoulders or a candid, “I wasn’t.” Moving from the “in the moment” impulse to react or respond to their immediate environment is part of their talents to strengths journey. 

Being lean on Green in their Top 5 can be misleading. It’s not that they don’t think, they just do their best mental processing while in motion. While working in their Top 5 those Reflect talents just outside their top tier of talents are tapped. As many Optimizers have matured, to do is to problem solve, to relate is to learn, and to persuade is to plan. The external talents can create a verbal “processer” that reflects learning, planning, and problem solving by committee. 

When I started my own business I knew my biggest challenge would be in technology. From website creation to social media and marketing, I not only lacked skills, experience and knowledge but I really had no desire let alone passion for all things internet. If it involved more than a point and click to figure out, I was on my way to the Geek Squad. After several draining months I was able to produce a mediocre web presence with a promise to someday get help. 

Four years into my own coaching and consulting practice I was meeting with  the wife of one of my “tech” clients. Ester had recently lost her job after her second child and was considering new horizons. I was very impressed with her combination of Optimizer talents. After one of our sessions I was driving home and was reminded that I needed to put “get tech support” on my Achiever list. Then the talent universe fell into alignment. I quickly called Ester and asked, “Didn’t you mention that you did some work in your last job that involved technology and web skills?” When she said yes, I went from coaching her for her next employment to being her next employment. 

 My web presence has gone from a cyber business card to a fully functional revenue stream. The difference: I have an Optimizer making the most of my low-tech high-touch personality in her quest for best.


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