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Deep Thoughts

intellection Oct 28, 2019

During my childhood, my grandmother kept a rock tumbler in the basement. It was a noisy device that transformed rough stones to smooth gem-like treasures by tumbling loudly in the machine’s barrel day and night for weeks on end. If you’ve never heard one, imagine what it sounds like when there’s loose change in the dryer.

People who have the Intellection talent often say that they have constant voices in their head. Internal dialogue is never ending, and they typically need time alone to just think. The thoughts that tumble in their brains like rocks in a rock tumbler for days and weeks on end often lead to amazing gems of superior decision making and profound clarity. Tim, a fellow CoreClarity trainer is sometimes amazed at the jewels that come from his Intellection talent, when given time to process those thoughts and not pushed for a quick decision. “I’ve gone back and read some of the things I’ve written down, and I’m sometimes in...

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