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The Guru - Different Shades of Green

guru reflect Feb 25, 2022

At first I thought the printer was broken. Two of the participants for my first in-house CoreClarity workshop showed nothing but green talents in their top five. But when I checked their CoreDrill charts I realized the printer was fine and I was about to get an education in brain power by processing Brad and Jason through their CoreClarity profiles!  

We call those with a sea of green talents Gurus, and they can be a combination of unique flavors of “smart” depending on how they have added skills, knowledge and experience to their Reflectors. Whether insightful, introspective, studious, intelligent, deeply read, deep thinking, profoundly creative, or able to “think” around corners they all can display different shades of green brilliance. 

A Guru has a brilliant mind and is naturally intellectual and/or introspective. Jason and Brad were both great thinkers but in very different ways. Ask them what they think, and they will pause...

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