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The Optimizer CoreDrill: The Quest for the Best

coredrill optimizer Jul 21, 2021

The word optimize comes from the Latin word optimus which means “best.” Its definition is to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible. People whose talents are in the Connect, Mobilize and Energize quadrants are called Optimizers because they want to optimize or make the most out of their life and yours.

Optimizers are natural first responders - they’re energized when there are tasks to complete, needs to meet, and people to do it with. They can read the room and flow to the need of the moment with a spirit of intentionality or even jocularity. Wasting time or burning daylight feels like a sin to many of this tribe as they want to make the most out of the time, opportunities and relationships they have before them.

They may have often been asked “What were you thinking?” in their younger years, to which the answer was often a shrug of the shoulders or a candid, “I wasn’t.” Moving from the “in the moment”...

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