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The Bridgineer CoreDrill: A Bridge Worth Crossing

bridgineer coredrill Sep 08, 2021

The forty people I stood in front of were all unemployed professionals helping each other find work in a cooperative job seekers network. I was asked to speak about how to use your strengths in your job search. When I offered to do a free one-hour coaching session at the end of my presentation, six people signed up. When I processed their talents through our CoreClarity process I was surprised to see all six of them had the same CoreDrill. All their talents were on the interactive side of the key in the Connect and Reflect quadrants. This is when I learned how to coach Bridgineers.

Bridgineers show up about 8% of the time in our CoreClarity database. Their talents are all on the interactive side of the CoreClarity key and have a drive for depth - whether it is deeper relationship with those they know or deeper understanding within their mental world. They naturally build bridges between knowledge, solutions or plans to the people who need it or will implement it. 


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