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Talents in Marriage - Competing vs Completing

A topic we cover with many of our clients is the dynamic of colliding talents. Some talents can naturally go against the grain of how certain other talents function, often resulting in conflict. So how can we move talents that collide to complement one another?

This month I am celebrating my 40th anniversary with Karey. For over 25 years we worked on our marriage and parenting, seeking the counsel of experienced voices, going to conferences, adding communication skills, and getting professional guidance on occasion. Through our challenges and rough patches, I can honestly say we had a very good marriage for those silver years. But over the past decade adding the knowledge of our CliftonStrengths talents and CoreClarity to our perspectives and language has taken very good to even greater. 

The secret? In our early years of marriage, we were told that we could choose to compete with one another or complete one another. We have opted for the latter, and the insights of our...

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Learner and Input: The Curiosity Cousins

input learner Feb 24, 2020

Many people have trouble differentiating between the Learner and Input talents. One way to observe the difference between the two may be to watch how two different people might read a book. The person with Learner will sit and read every page, the footnotes and the appendix, then make note of the author’s recommended books on the same subject. The person with Input might skim the book jacket, the introduction, the chapter titles and maybe the first paragraph of each chapter and then put the book down and pick up another on a completely different subject.

Most Learners want to funnel new knowledge into some sort of application. Maybe it’s another degree or certification, a new skill, a presentation or report, a hobby or home project. Input collects information or things of interest to them and stores it in an accessible place (often just in their minds) for later reference or use. 

Both talents have a curiosity or thirst for information. Learner wants new knowledge....

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