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Illuminarios- Lighting Up the World Year Round

I had arranged our department in the conference room to assemble notebooks for an upcoming conference. Using my Strategic, I set up a simple assembly line that would cut the large tedious job into an efficient one-hour chore. Things started off well and after a few adjustments the room was soon buzzing with productive chatter. However, there was soon a bottleneck in the process and like any good project leader I was trying to figure out the why. Quick analysis and my CoreClarity training led me not to the why but the who. I had made the miscalculation of putting Leslie, our Illuminario, in the middle of the assembly line.

Illuminarios are natural people persons who also have an interpersonal relationship push of persuasion and motivation. They thrive on the opportunities that interaction with others bring and can turn the most mundane project into an engaging social event. We call them Illuminarios because when they are at their best they love to shine a light on others. And if they...

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The Gift of Gab

communication kryptonite Dec 28, 2020

Back in the old days of journalism there was a reporting rule that an objective news story should be written at a 5th grade level. Anybody over the age of 10 should be able to read the newspaper and understand what’s going on in their community and world. Though modern news media has moved beyond this philosophy in the same way it has moved beyond objectivity and print on paper, it is a great backdrop for what this post's talent seeks to do when it has been developed into a strength.

Communication is a Connect talent that builds relationships through the wonder of words. They talk their way into your life or use the pen or other creative expression to engage with others. They relate ideas, events, concepts and feelings to life and help others learn using stories, examples or visual aids. When Communication has been developed into a strength it does what the community newspaper used to do - take complex information and break it down so everyone can have mutual...

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