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Illuminarios- Lighting Up the World Year Round

I had arranged our department in the conference room to assemble notebooks for an upcoming conference. Using my Strategic, I set up a simple assembly line that would cut the large tedious job into an efficient one-hour chore. Things started off well and after a few adjustments the room was soon buzzing with productive chatter. However, there was soon a bottleneck in the process and like any good project leader I was trying to figure out the why. Quick analysis and my CoreClarity training led me not to the why but the who. I had made the miscalculation of putting Leslie, our Illuminario, in the middle of the assembly line.

Illuminarios are natural people persons who also have an interpersonal relationship push of persuasion and motivation. They thrive on the opportunities that interaction with others bring and can turn the most mundane project into an engaging social event. We call them Illuminarios because when they are at their best they love to shine a light on others. And if they...

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Thanksgiving Harmony or Black Friday Competition

Certain pairs of talents naturally conflict with one another. These “Talent Colliders” can create quite a tension when they show up in two different people. Let’s focus on a pair of talents that can collide with one another during the holidays: Harmony and Competition.  

Those with Harmony look for ways to advance positive and cooperative interpersonal relationships. Compromise and consensus are tools Harmony employs to create environments of social acceptance and emotional alignment. They typically don’t enjoy conflict and if they do engage in it they will usually be the peacekeeper. One family member with Harmony loves to play games at holiday gatherings but that enjoyment is often ruined for her by a brother-in-law with Competition who loves to “smack talk” during any type of game.

Competition is in it to win it. It drives others to experience the exuberance of the win or to avoid the agony of defeat. They constantly measure...

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