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The Force of Nature CoreDrill: When the Force is With You

Another iPhone Alert? I ignored my phone since it was 5:05 and I was making the commute by foot from the home office to the living room TV. The evening news was interrupted with a tornado warning in my county. I looked out the kitchen window and was staring at a funnel spout running from the clouds to the east horizon just beyond my neighborhood.

Fortunately, the spout worked its way north and made for a great neighborhood cell phone video block party. Though it was awesome to see a force of nature in action, its strength and power also demanded respect if not fear.

So it can be when your CoreDrill has talents in the Reflect, Energize, and Mobilize quadrants. You are what we call a Force of Nature. Overcomers, persuaders, natural leaders, mountain movers, intense or driven you make it happen. When I learned this was my CoreDrill the world made a lot more sense. My talent combination can inspire when it is on and disrupt when it is off.  

Since Forces of Nature are...

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Thanksgiving Harmony or Black Friday Competition

Certain pairs of talents naturally conflict with one another. These “Talent Colliders” can create quite a tension when they show up in two different people. Let’s focus on a pair of talents that can collide with one another during the holidays: Harmony and Competition.  

Those with Harmony look for ways to advance positive and cooperative interpersonal relationships. Compromise and consensus are tools Harmony employs to create environments of social acceptance and emotional alignment. They typically don’t enjoy conflict and if they do engage in it they will usually be the peacekeeper. One family member with Harmony loves to play games at holiday gatherings but that enjoyment is often ruined for her by a brother-in-law with Competition who loves to “smack talk” during any type of game.

Competition is in it to win it. It drives others to experience the exuberance of the win or to avoid the agony of defeat. They constantly measure...

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