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What's on your Not-to-Do List? A Metaphor & Exercise

How can you tell when you’re not working out of your strengths? What’s the difference between working out of a strength and working out of a weakness?

When you take the CliftonStrengths assessment its algorithm ranks all 34 talents in the order they come naturally for you. Your higher ranked talents have the greatest NATURAL capacity to be most productive and energizing. But how might those talents in the teens, twenties, and thirties show up? While everyone is different in how their talents may cluster in groupings of effectiveness and efficiency, a helpful metaphor to understand your "tiers of talents" is using your cell phone in the car.

Operating in your Top 5 talents may be compared to using the Bluetooth feature to talk on the phone in your car while you are in cruise control. You almost don't have to think about those talents; they automatically engage like tapping the receive button for an incoming call while driving down the interstate. Little to no distraction...

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