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Dynamic Diagonal Duos - Thought Rockets & Super Drivers

Catty-corner is an expression meaning “diagonally opposite.” It has nothing to do with cats but actually came from an English misspelling of the French word quatre (“four”) prefixed to “corner.” And it is exactly what I think of when it comes to Bob and Brenda and their CoreClarity CoreDrills. They were both bi-quads (all their Top 5 talents fell into two quadrants) but the inversion of each other.  Brenda’s talents were all in the Connect and Energize quadrants while Bob’s were in the Reflect and Mobilize. These catty-corner profiles create two unique CoreDrills that show up less than 2% of the time but bring an indelible dynamic to a team.

They both worked in the same company and left a similar wake with co-workers. Yet their approach to people and problems could not be more different. Bob was a Thought Rocket and as such was very vested and productive especially when using his Reflect talents. He could shift into a motivational...

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