Avoiding the “OI” Zone

achiever activator adaptability command communication competition consistency discipline focus kryptonite relator responsibility significance strategic woo Jul 29, 2022
Coworkers having dialogue

As more of the world goes back to the workplace there are huge challenges as work communities are reforming from virtual platforms. As one colleague of mine said “It’s like in two years people have forgotten how to act like people.” At Inpowering People we are seeing our work help people reconnect in healthy and effective ways. A secret to our success? Helping individuals see others as people instead of from a perspective influenced by our talent Kryptonite that can lead us to view others as objects in the “OI” zone:

Obstacles  We see others as something to overcome: a problem to solve, a nuisance to avoid, a barrier to a goal. When I am zeroed in on the finish line with my Achiever talent, a phone call or co-worker suddenly becomes a barrier to my momentum of accomplishment or a drain on my timeline towards a deadline.

Interruptions – Those with Focus, Discipline, and Consistency can shut out distractions, or exceptions to certain rules. When those distractions or exceptions come in the form of a person it can cause us to see individuals as annoying interrupters who are disrupting our attention or routines. Have you ever had someone pop their head in your office and say, “Got a sec?” and you gave them that look that could kill before saying something you really didn’t mean like Sure”?

Opposition  Here other people are more than an obstacle. Now we are competing with them. If I am running behind schedule, Command or Competition may turn every red light into a drag strip to get to the lane I want to be in. Or Strategic is contriving a short cut to avoid lights and traffic altogether. Beating the clock involves beating the people who are on the road with me.

Inconveniences – Sometimes Relator Rules and Responsibility Standards do well connecting to others. But when people go out of the flow of our normal comfort zone they can be an assault on our convenience. It’s like the call from your parent or spouse when you are in the midst of a critical presentation. Whatever the message or need was is now layered under the weight of disdain because of their unintentional untimeliness.

Objectives – We cease to relate to others with care and concern and turn them into an organic means to our ends. External talents like Communication, Woo, and Command can subtly deviate on the road to influencing others or making friends to viewing others as relational capitol. Pursuing a connection with another for status turns networking into personal net-worthing for our best interests. 

Irrelevant  This is a subtle posture that people don’t matter. So overactive Energize talents like Activator, Achiever, Adaptability, Significance, and others can be so busy Doing they forget to Connect. Ever had someone you needed to communicate with not return a phone call or an email, even after a couple of courtesy reminders? What is not being said still communicates a message. 

Want to make this personal? Revisit the Kryptonite of your Top 5 talents and see if there is any connection to how you view others in the “OI” zone.