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Deep Thoughts

intellection Oct 28, 2019

During my childhood, my grandmother kept a rock tumbler in the basement. It was a noisy device that transformed rough stones to smooth gem-like treasures by tumbling loudly in the machine’s barrel day and night for weeks on end. If you’ve never heard one, imagine what it sounds like when there’s loose change in the dryer.

People who have the Intellection talent often say that they have constant voices in their head. Internal dialogue is never ending, and they typically need time alone to just think. The thoughts that tumble in their brains like rocks in a rock tumbler for days and weeks on end often lead to amazing gems of superior decision making and profound clarity. Tim, a fellow CoreClarity trainer is sometimes amazed at the jewels that come from his Intellection talent, when given time to process those thoughts and not pushed for a quick decision. “I’ve gone back and read some of the things I’ve written down, and I’m sometimes in disbelief that I came up with such impactful insights.”

Those with Intellection may need help to convert their deep thoughts into plain, clear language, and may feel frustrated at how long it takes to process their thoughts. One woman said “I want to think and process as deeply, but I wish I could think faster and be able to say it out loud as I think of it. Other people put their thoughts into words so much more quickly.” Many with Intellection have trouble sleeping because the tumbler of thoughts doesn’t turn off once their heads hit the pillow. They wish they could just turn off the “noise” of the constant thinking long enough to rest. Some find solace in meditation, kayaking or listening to relaxing instrumental music. 

Josh, an assistant project manager says he deals with his Intellection by writing down ideas, no matter how small, to keep his thoughts organized and come back to later. Tim does the same thing. “I write it down, leave it, come back to it after some time of asking myself questions, evaluating the answers to myself, then revising the thoughts before issuing to the end user.” Others find ways to direct the constant dialogue into productive pursuits like learning a new language online, listening to podcasts or taking classes.

One estimator with Intellection took up cross-stitching and surprised himself by earning ribbons at the state fair with his craft. One way people with Intellection can make this Talent more productive is by paying attention to their other talents and using those to propel them forward. Josh has not only Intellection but also Input, Context and Ideation. He relies on his one Energize talent, Restorative, to help him when he gets stuck in “rabbit holes.” “I get a ‘completion’ satisfaction by doing something physical that I can tune out my brain and listen to music, like mowing the lawn, yard work, laundry, carwash, etc. since I cannot come to a conclusion on my thought at the moment.”

People with Intellection can appreciate this Talent when they, and others, can see the results: gemstones of solid and often profound clarity and higher quality decisions.


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