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The 3 Power P’s for the Passionato: Propelling the Power of Passion

Two things Carey loved were people and coffee. So when she decided to make a career change it was not surprising that she became a barista at a coffee shop. Very quickly her role and responsibilities began to align with her talents and she was thriving in her new career path. 

The store manager initiated a competition to increase sales of packaged coffee. The first barista to sell 50 pounds would win. Carey was not very competitive but she did love people and coffee. Four hours into her shift she went to her boss and announced, “I sold 50 pounds. What should I do now?” He was astonished and conflicted. “Great job-but don’t tell anyone else. This was supposed to be a two week contest and we need everyone else to keep selling. You won, but let’s keep it our secret for another week.”

Passion, People, Purpose. Those are the 3 power P’s for the Passionato. Because we see more of the emotionally charged talents in the external Connect and Mobilize quadrants people with this CoreDrill are very extrinsically motivated by their relational connections and/or opportunities to influence, persuade, or bless others. Their ability to motivate others brings an engaging gusto to a team or relationship. When engaged in their top 5 talents their presence adds enjoyment and even charm to their conversations and collaborations with others. 

The Reflect talents can shape the nature of the passion or the direction of the purpose. A Passionato with problem solving talents like Arranger, Analytical or Strategic can get very engrossed in processing and decision making that leads to solutions. If their Reflect talents are more creative like Ideation, Futuristic or Connectedness, their excitement for ideas, originality, artistic expression and imagination will move others to new horizons of thought and possibilities. With the inquisitive research talents like Learner, Input or Context the quest for knowledge can become a more heartfelt journey of discovery. Or a combination of these talents may look like an intrinsic buffet of passion and personality that attracts others to their purposes.

When working with Passionatos it is important to recognize that the lack of Energize talents can be deceiving. What you may perceive as the push of an intrinsic motivation talent may be the pull of extrinsic motivation connected to relationships with others. Whether it’s a passion for who they work with or who they work for, that’s often the driver that leads to more accomplishment. Give a Passionato a list of to-dos that does not align with their heart or mission and they will probably struggle in the quicksand of disengagement. If they’re not feeling it, it’s just not happening. They’re either faking it through the motions or looking for someone to help or relieve them.

When Passionatos connect with a team that aligns with their 3 P’s they can become the thermostat of group morale, raising engagement and interpersonal energy. Customers at the coffee shop commented that the whole store seemed more upbeat and customer friendly during Carey’s shifts. If you have a deficiency in your group chemistry or culture it may be time to see how your Passionatos are aligned with their talents. When they fit they will draw other people into the current of your values, goals, and mission.


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