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The Art of Start

Ah… the excitement and hope starting off a new year. Something about the freshness, newness, the clean slate, the opportunity to do something different. All these feelings are common motivators that people with the Activator talent feel every time they start something new. The anticipation of launching, exploring, innovating something unique and useful thrusts these people into action.

Activators may have a short attention span for long meetings. When they get the feel and flavor of a direction or goal they want to spin talk into action and ideas into intentionality. No failure to launch here. They will innovate, initiate, and ignite the next big thing that resonates with them with fearless enthusiasm.

Though great out of the blocks, some activators are known to have an aversion to finishing all the things they start. Once things get routine or mundane they are off to start something new and more engaging. They can overwhelm Achiever and Responsibility with their plethora of new paths. It’s easier to start several projects than it is to finish or own them all to completion.

The Kryptonite of the Activator is launching or leading before looking. Instead of “On your mark, get set, go,” Activators will sometimes “Go” and then get set to find their mark in the process. False starts can pile up for the Activator that does not take the time to process their mark so they stay in the right lane and get set and prepped to finish what they initiate. Looking at their own talents internally or externally at the talents of others provides great resourcing for over-active and under-achieving activators. Reflecting on how one’s other top 4 talents play with the Activator can glean great insights.

I worked with a high tech programmer who had both Achiever and Activator in his Top 5. When I asked him which talent he deferred to most he said the Activator. “Is it because it is easier to start rather than finish?” I asked. He thought and said, “Actually - I think it’s because my Significance talent is constantly drawing me to the next great thing I want to do whether a previous job or venture is completed or not. I get more energy from the start of a new potential rather than finishing something with the end in sight.”

However, another Activator I have had the privilege to work with feels it is the combination of her Significance and Futuristic talents that helps to keep her Activator from losing focus on some commitments and projects. “My Activator helps launch me into the new future my Futuristic talent envisions and if I can see that vision making an impact it allows my Activator to hand the baton to my Significance to sustain the energy and attention to keep the process going.”

For you Activators out there who are already off to a great start in the new year, remember it is the leveraging of your other 4 talents that might best determine how well you finish in 2020.


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