How the 3 Fault Lines Disrupt our Thinking

consistency faultline Aug 21, 2019
A smoking volcano at a fault line

In CoreClarity, we talk about the fault lines in our thinking. Like a fault line in the earth, it can lead to disruption and instability in our relationships with others -- especially when we are unaware of their presence. Today we will look at the top fault line through the lens of a talent theme that can be susceptible to those shifts and “tremors.”

The first fault line is one everyone should know well: We think everyone thinks the same way we do. As we get older, we realize that what we refer to as common sense is not so common. Perhaps you have modified that idea to everyone should think the same way I do. 

I was walking a young woman named Beth through her Top 5. One of them was Consistency. “Beth, when it comes to administrative protocols, have you ever noticed how some people think there should be exceptions to the rules?” 

She immediately got fired up and raved, “Oh my gosh! Yes! It is so unbelievable how many people think they are the exception. Why doesn’t everyone just want to go by the rules?”  

“Because most people can’t see that the way you do.” 

“That’s what I don’t get? It’s so obvious!” 

Beth and many others with Consistency often find themselves thinking, “Am I the only one here that gets this right?”

The answer to that unspoken question is “Yes -- in fact more often than not!”

The Consistency talent filters the way you see how things work. You want fairness with no partiality or preferential treatment so that all the rules apply to everyone at all times. And that is a good perspective when we have good systems in place, where compliance is needed so everyone knows what is expected of them. 

It is helpful for people with Consistency to understand the first fault line and to be aware of the fact that Consistency only shows up in about ten percent of people’s Top 5 talents. That means that in a group of ten people, they are probably the only one who is thinking that strongly about the value of a fair, consistent, and level playing field.

Beth had an Aha Moment surrounding the first fault line that day. “I just assumed other people didn’t get it or were just plain wrong. What you are saying it that they may not have Consistency but have other talents that they are viewing the same thing from a different perspective.” 

And now for the personal application. Take out Beth’s name and insert yours. Substitute one of your top 5 talents, perhaps the one that you think most people “should” have, for her Consistency. Replace some of the bullet points of your selected talent for the descriptors of Consistency in the paragraphs above. Or, if you want to take it a step further, see this document for percentages on your talents and complete this fault line exercise. Even better, pull together some of your coworkers over lunch and do this exercise together.

Like Beth, you may find out certain talents do affect the way the first fault line can shake your world.