Talent Neglect Series, Part 2: Lack of Intentionality

coreclarity coredrill inpowering people resources strengthsfinder top 5 talents Jul 28, 2023
Talent Neglect Series part 2: Lack of Intentionality

While waiting for a flight, a gentleman sitting next to me noticed the name tag on my computer bag, which lists my Top 5 talents in their CoreClarity colors.

“Hey that looks like StrengthsFinder!” he said. “I took that test with my old company a year or two ago. I really enjoyed it.”

After introducing myself to Dustin and a bit of background information I asked him if he knew what his top 5 were. He was able to recall 3 of them. So I asked him “How have you seen those talents help you in your new job?”

“Wow-great question! You know, I was pretty dialed in right after we had the training but honestly, as I’ve moved on to new ventures I just don’t pay attention to the results that much.”

I ended last month’s blog with this challenge, which is similar to the question I posed to Dustin. How has your self-awareness and productivity changed now that you have a definition and language for some of your “signature” behaviors?  If your answer is “not much” it could be because you fall into the second entrapment of talent neglect - the lack of intentionality.

At Inpowering People we help our clients be proactive and intentional to move from good to great. We may all start with a lack of knowledge - ignorance of what our talents are and can do for us and others. But as we go through the CoreClarity process to identify and define your inner brilliance it takes repeated intentionality to use and develop talents in new ways.

What does intentionality look like? It can be as simple as having a card with your Top 5 at your desk, or on a mirror.

“I love the laminated Pyramid you gave us at the workshop,” said Debra, “I have it on the filing cabinet next to my desk. It’s a daily reminder to know and use my talents as much as possible.”

Debra works for a company that is committed to a Strengths-Based work culture. I have been in their offices from Virginia to Oregon. When I walk through work areas and see employees’ top 5 talents and CoreDrills visually showcased I recognize the intentionality in using and growing talents into greater strengths - if not super powers.

The big key to intentionality lies in choosing to work in our talents whenever possible. I have several people with untapped talents at work that intentionally get involved in activities in their personal lives where they can use that talent more frequently. Cody, a former job seeker that I coached in his career transition, started putting his Woo to work at holiday parties, not only recapturing his relational fire with others but even networking himself into several job interviews that led to a better job.

If you feel your talent journey is stuck or needs to be revisited, you are in luck. We have a new free tool specifically for you called the Intentionality Inventory. Just click here to take this Inpowering People 5-minute challenge.