A CoreClarity & Gallup Color Confusion Cleanup: Part II

coreclarity coredrill gallup quadrants Dec 15, 2022
Color Palatte

In October, we looked at the differences of how Gallup and CoreClarity categorize the 34 talents. Gallup uses four domains and color themes emphasizing how others may experience the talent. CoreClarity uses four quadrants and color codes according more to how you perceive the talent. When Gallup changed their color schemes in 2020 they used the same colors for relational and thinking talents but flipped orange and purple in output and persuasion talents.

The CoreClarity Quadrants are Connect, Reflect, Energize, and Mobilize. To give a better visual we have kept the talents colored in their CoreClarity Quadrant colors and put them where they function differently in the Gallup Domains.

Arranger, Consistency, Deliberative, Responsibility

Activator, Self-Assurance, Significance, Communication

Developer, Positivity, Adaptability, Connectedness

Now let’s look at the twelve talents that create confusion. Gallup would say that Arranger, Consistency, Deliberative, and Responsibility are talents that Execute, much like talents in the CoreClarity Energize quadrant. In CoreClarity, Arranger, Consistency, and Deliberative are Reflect talents. Gallup would contend that others can see the execution of Arranger, Consistency, and Deliberative but CoreClarity would say for the individual they experience them as a way of reflecting to solve or prevent problems.

Responsibility lands in the Connect quadrant for CoreClarity. For most people with Responsibility it is the drive of relationships in providing for others or keeping promises to others that brings about their production. So others see the action of Responsibility and experience Execution while those with the talent are more about maintaining their reputation of reliability with others. 

In the Domain of Influence Gallup lists Activator, Self-Assurance, Significance, (all Energizers in CoreClarity) and Communication (a CoreClarity Connect talent). I have personally felt the influence of an Activator’s launch, a Self-Assurance’s confidence, and a Significance’s desire to leave a mark. But for most with those talents in their top 5 it feels more like an intrinsic motivator launching them into action.

I do have a number of people in my work who feel they use their Communication talent to Mobilize others. When we are on the receiving end of a well communicated set of instructions or sales pitch this talent is influencing which totally aligns with the Gallup categorization. But for others they have used Communication for relational connection.

The final 4 Gallup sorts differently are Developer and Positivity (CoreClarity Mobilize),
Adaptability (Energize), and Connectedness (Reflect) all in the Relationship domain. I can personally attest to the Connectedness confusion as I have seen others outsource that talent into connecting people which fits the Gallup mode. But as my number 5 talent I see this more as a world view that connects ideas, concepts, processes, cultures, as well as people. For me it is a way of thinking and sometimes in a creative way.

When I charted my top 5 using Gallup’s domains, I came out as someone having talents in all 4 quadrants (see graphic below). In the CoreDrill world of CoreClarity that would make me a Stabilizer. Most people I know including myself experience my Force of Nature so much that I have to pass on Gallup’s designation for my Connectedness. But that is just me. If you have one or more of these twelve talents in your top 5 see how it may change your CoreDrill and if that resonates more with you or with those around you.