Globetrotting with Gallup - What are the Top 5 Talents of Countries Around the World?

achiever learner relator responsibility strategic Apr 29, 2022
Child pointing on a globe

I’m often asked how the Top 5 talents show up in other countries. Are there patterns we see based on different cultures? In 2018 Gallup released the Top 5 CliftonStrengths for 32 countries. The Top 5 for the United States:

  1. Achiever - Face it, we love our lists!
  2. Responsibility - We don't like to let other people down.
  3. Learner - That push from our parents to get an education still drives us.
  4. Relator - We like our relationships deep and our inner circle tight.
  5. Strategic - At least we think we know where we want to go.

What about our neighbors to the north and south? Achievers are still #1 in Canada, which looks much like the US except Relator and Responsibility changed places at 2nd and 4th. Mexico starts to mix things up with Learner coming in at #1 and Analytical replacing Strategic at #5. That trend continues in other countries south of our border, so if you want to pursue a profession in teaching it may interest you to know Learner shows up as the top talent in Puerto Rico, Panama, and Argentina.

Our English-speaking friends in Australia and the UK have the same Top 5 talents as Canada and the US, but the order is different with Relator at #1 in the United Kingdom. Comparing frequencies in Europe things start to get more diverse. Learner tops the charts in Italy, France, Germany, and Belgium. But the Connect talent Individualization shows up in the Top 5 of the first three while Harmony breaks in at #5 for Belgium. Empathy cracks the Top 5 in Germany so if you want to plan your next vacation around CliftonStrengths, Europe is the place to go for variety and more relational connection. In fact, Poland has Relator, Individualization, and Responsibility at 1, 2 and 3. 

In Asia things look very different. China and Hong Kong have Harmony at #1. In Japan you will not find Achiever in the Top 5 but Maximizer shows up as the #1 talent! It is one of the few countries on our list to have a Mobilize talent in their Top 5 - the other being South Korea with Maximizer at #3. And with current world events it may surprise you that the Top 5 for Russia were Relator, Learner, Individualization, Achiever, and Ideation.

If you like to fix things and troubleshoot you will find the Restorative talent in the Top 5 of India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Ideation people looking to be around other creatives will find Ideation in the Top 5 of Saudi Arabia. And for the Achievers who want a break from Achieving or being around those Achiever/Maximizer types you may be intrigued to know that Singapore does not have Achiever in its Top 5.

If you have made it this far in the blog you probably have Learner, Input, or Context in your Top 5. So as a reward to your pursuit of more knowledge you can download the chart provided here!